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(V century b.c.)
City Fortress, home of the emperor Flavio Livio SEVERO
One of the first Christian colonies, founded by the Apostle Paul in 66 a.c.

The village lives its millennial history with unconscious enchantment, drawing from it not deceptive impulses for a state of bliss, which only the distracted traveler may seem fleeting.

The place was called by the Romans Buxentum and already before by the Greek Pixous.

POLICASTRO Cattedrale INT..jpg
POLICASTRO Cattedrale INT..jpg

‘Odeghitria’, Cathedral (Dome) owes its name to the monks who venerated icons, fugitives from Constantinople.

POLICASTRO Bussentino 2.jpg

It remains the only center in the province of Salerno, to preserve, at least for a certain stretch, a still intact medieval wall fence, built on the remains of another older one, the Roman one, in polygonal.

The historic center encloses almost in an embrace the ancient cathedral (11th century) and includes a crypt of the 6th century, where are preserved a mercy of Sienese school and an antependium. A Norman style bell tower follows, with the bishop's palace and the seminary, several hundred meters apart, the remains of one of the first Franciscan monasteries, which seems to have even hosted the Saint of Assisi. Above all, stands the castle, a fourteenth-century work commissioned by the Byzantines, with a three-storey tower.

Page n. 3, original copy of the pastoral letter (bull), of the Archbishop of Salerno Benedetto Alfano I, October 1079, preserved in the Diocesan Archive of Policastro Bussentino.

LIDO Jonathan.jpg
LIDO Jonathan.jpg

Lido Jonathan, with a pool for little ones and delicious meals.

Strutture SCARIO
You can embark at the small port of Scario, for only 5 euros, reach the beaches of Palinuro and Marina di Camerota with a pleasant trip. Or directly on the Lungomare of Policastro, our "Lido Jonathan".
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For full gastronomic freedom and time management, at a lower cost.

Activities & EXcursi
  • The lamparata

  • Protected Marine Area

  • Sailing along the coast

  • Maratea

  • Paestum I Temples & Velia

  • Caves of Pertosa and Charterhouse of Padula

  • WWF Oasis of Morigerati

  • Tibetan bridge

  • Trekking HD

  • Canyoning


It includes the Infreschi and the MassetaCoast, between Marina di Camerotaand San Giovanni a Piro. Among the most famous coves we find the Sciabica, Cala Bianca, awarded in 2013 as the most beautiful beach in Italy, the Infreschi Beachalso famous for "La Tana del Lupo", where Saverio will delight you with its dishes famous for its genuineness and simplicity, accompanied by the sound of a harmonica that plays cheerful melodies of ancient times. The crystal clear sea of the Cilento makes the area one of the most suggestive of the whole Campania


For all sports enthusiasts, Cilento is the ideal destination for their holidays. You can choose from a myriad of different activities, from water sports, to active sports on land, to sports specifically designed for children, in the spirit of adventure and fun:

  • mountain biking;

  • horse riding;

  • rafting;

  • hydrospeed;

  • paintball;

  • diving;

  • jetski; for all tastes and desires.

  • boating;

  • climbing;

  • canyoning;

  • tree-climbing;

  • archery;

  • paragliding;


Towns rich in ancient history, traditions and beliefs, unspoiled nature and many encounters that fill the heart, a jump into the past. We will retrace the events that led to their foundation, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological findings, to the many churches and chapels, which represent the expression of the profound religiosity that has pervaded his people over the centuries. We will descend into their uncontaminated nature by crossing historical paths and fairy-tale woods, looking out over landscapes that approach infinity.


A vast and varied territory characterized by sea and mountains, karst and marine caves, rivers and waterfalls, ancient historical monuments and realities with deeply rooted peasant traditions, suggestive hilltop villages, castles, archaeological areas dating back to ancient Greece, celebrations and festivals, ideal destinations for those looking for holidays in places where time seems to have stopped and nature is still untouched. And, in fact, this area lends itself very well to walking and trekking in the open air, as it offers a vast choice of mountain routes, but also coastal or along rivers. Among the many we mention the Infreschi Bay, the source of the RiverBussentowith the Inferno Valley, the Mount Cervati, the Gorges of the Calore River, the Valley of the Orchidsof Sassano... Discover them with us!


The Oasis is the most important conservation project of the WWF in Italy and represents the concrete intervention in defence of the natural territory and biodiversity. The inhabited center rests on the top of a cliff that dominates the WWF Oasisof the Morigerati Cave, in which you can admire the wonderful resurgences of the River Bussento. It has a nature trail and an equipped area for visiting the caves. The Oasis is above all a safeguard of a territory, protection of biodiversity, maintenance of landscapes and natural values, but not only. The WWF has decided to set up nature trails so that everyone can appreciate and fully enjoy the natural environment in which they move, offering valid stimuli for all the senses. The Bussento River is the fundamental element that characterizes and profoundly marks the territory, constituting one of the most significant phenomena from a landscape-environmental point of view; moreover, the underground part of the Bussento generates one of the most important karst phenomena in Italy.

Dolphin Sightings...

Free and carefree in crystal clear waters, where full respect for intact nature reigns.

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