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BBT Travel - Tour Operator

We create trips and vacations to present emotions, carefully choosing excellent services, offering quality, safety, assistance and guarantees.

Vacanze All Inclusive, Tour, Safari, Crociere sul Nilo... Maldive, Kenya, Zanzibar, Seychelles, Messico,
Egitto, Santo Domingo...

"Life is a journey and those who travel live twice"

A small Tour Operator driven by great passion, commitment, innumerable skills, responsibility, great organization abilities, attention to detail, but above all with a great heart. The BBT TO is proud to bring Italians on holiday abroad and has always specialized in the Indian Ocean and on the African continent and proudly proposes trips to new destinations such as French Polynesia and the Caribbean, but always with the approach of build your journey "tailor-made", in full respect of your wishes.


We are the invisible intermediaries that stand between you and your ideal destination so that every choice is the right one. We have personally selected and controlled every product and service. Our goal, shared with travel agents, is your serenity, always protecting you: from the moment of the choice, during the vacation, until the return.

The desire to broaden our horizons, to discover new worlds, associated with a strong spirit of adventure has led us to undertake this unique journey...







From the Cilento on...

Do you know the sea breeze, the colors of the sky and the sun when dives in it?

And the scent of orange blossoms, the chirping of crickets, the silent coolness of a forest or the melodious symphony of a river?

Enchanted atmospheres of a country that blends history, art, hospitality, music, culture and joviality into a single name.

This is Italy.

The brand has always dedicated itself to travel to the most distant destinations following two precise lines: seaside stays and tours in the most interesting countries of our planet, carefully designed itineraries and great attention to the quality level offered.

Specialized for trips as:

The programming boasts a wide range of products characterized by a great flexibility of services to allow everyone to choose a tailor-made trip: from the way of transport, to the possibility of associating a traveling itinerary with a stay at the sea in exclusive places and up to the combination of different routes and multiple destinations in a single trip.



Over 200 countries, each with its traditions to be discovered.

An unspoilt place in southern Italy, between the Piana di Paestum and the Gulf of Sapri, imagine a verdant promontory, which from the mountains goes all the way to the sea. Think of long beaches of sparkling sand, surrounded by lush pine forests and superb rocky shores. Add the magical charm of antiquity that emanates from colorful areas and ancient archaeological monuments dating back to the Paleolithic period, unique in the world.

Don't you know him? It is the Cilento.


India & Americas

Unspoiled nature and high level of services. Great breathtaking bays, snorkeling and diving in the richest and most colorful depths of the world. Very white beaches and paradisiacal places where you can immerse yourself completely.



Flaming sunsets on the savannah. Herds of zebras and gazelles on the run. Lionesses on the hunt. Starry nights around the fire. It is always in the top ten of dream trips, for that feeling of returning to the origins, in the still primitive relationship with a nature that cannot be tamed. They are safaris, an experience to try out at least once in a lifetime. And not necessarily expensive.


The proposals are born to satisfy the desire to discover the most hidden aspects of a destination and to give customers the chance to savor the taste of discovery, with the certainty of relying on a trusted tour operator, proud to really care about each type of taste and need and that continues to evolve, to guarantee you the best. Proud of the achievements achieved so far, which have allowed us to accompany generations of Italians in the choice of their travels.

Where are we
You will find us in the enchanting Gulf of Policastro, in the Cilento National Park, cradle of the Cilento traditions and commercial soul of the Gulf. Come and find us in the area of infinite nuances between the sea and the mountains, history and culture, passing through the ancient traditions still alive and firmly anchored in our hearts.
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